~Forever a High-School Boy in Love~

i'm talking to you...

i still love HSJ
came back to check out japanese stuff a bit.
my curiosity for japanese media has reached its peak.
i feel harder to enjoy if it's not good enough for me.
& my hard disks are in red danger. i have to choose more.
i won't download things that i don't really need anymore.

after severeal years of looking around every Johnny's group,
from senpai to kohai, from oji-sans to jr... i've known them all.
i've liked them, increasingly, decreasingly. got bored. felt stable.
after all these...

Hey! Say! JUMP is still my most favorite,
in the very different level from other groups.

they're sincere & colorful. they have to stick together.
they grew up where they should grow up,
but they're the same where they should be the same.
their works always have strong themes.
they are clever but humble. not so much, not so little.
it's all about balance. i know they're different.

it's been a long time, i can't choose the ichiban from JUMP.
but now i think it must be Yabu-kun. and i like Ino-kun a lot.
but i love JUMP the most when all members together.
i can't be like those girls who just focus on their ichiban's faces.
i love JUMP because of their personality & the group's dynamic.

i love Yabu-kun's deeply romantic lyrics so much. please.
i love Yabu-kun in the producer role. please.
i love do-S Yabu-kun who love to control everything.

i love to see Ino-kun being aggressively & weirdly funny.
i prefer manly moody Daiki before his attempt to improve.
i want to see the baby sweet side that Hikaru is hiding.
i really love Yabuhika challenges in the magazine. www...

Itadaki High JUMP is good. Keito is the scene stealer.

& though it's scary for me to be in the sea of fangirls,
i really wish i could see JUMP's concert some day.

if you're reading this, please show me a signal. www...

i like KinKi Kids' songs very much. many songs could be in my top list.
just... somehow it's hard to get close to those two.

Snow Man, Travis Japan, SixTONES, i wish they're keep growing.

that's all for the bright side...


i really once forgot that i used to love some old Kisumai's songs.
i cannot like them now. they're not interesting anymore.
it's so sad. they have the potential as a group. but they're ruined.
i like Taipi's voice. and their dances, their skates...

& still, my favorite Fuma is in the group that i dislike, Sexy Zone.
i can't follow you in this group. i'm sorry.

Yamapi is also totally ruined. i miss his charms.

the point is they're so good by themselves, but they're ruined.


i don't wanna talk about bad feelings so let's end this.

from coming back to briefly check out things this time,
the most shocking news for me is the skinny Hasshi.
he looks so sick. i feel bad to see him like this.

now my mind is western...
just a quick update (for myself) after a long time...

now i'm sick & tired of japanese entertainment world...

now i'm so hollywood...

Hey Jude!
it's time to write another post, i've just found a new close friend...

i've been switched to Hollywood for a while, watching many good films.
many Hollywood stars are interesting. i like Matt Damon's character.
i rewatched my favorite The Talented Mr. Ripley, & cried hard again.
Jude Law also did very well in this film, though i never liked him.
the handsome Jude, i never liked him, but now i know him better.

after knowing that he's not that handsome, i like him much more.
& i realised the evilness of media once again. he's not that Jude!
not only he became cuter for me, i even think we could be close friends.
not just friends, but 'close' friends, we really have things in common.
i have just a few close friends, but Jude is a wandering lost soul,
he should have been born here to be with me. i want to hug him right now!!!

never thought there's a star who loves Auteur Theory this much.
i mean, not just love, but it's an important part of our lives. it's passion.
he'll get why when he interested me, i did research not just about him,
but also his movies, his co-stars, his friends, his women, his life.

with my talented Sherlock friend, we understand more about things.
the most surprising fact is... we know more about ourselves too.
because we & Jude really could be best friends, seriously!!!

we got new data from learning Jude, it's about levels of Peter Pan.
& about bromance, in thai, japanese, british, american context.
& we put this new data into our database, to use it with all our people.
omg! this is amazing!! i really feel like i'm a nerdy Watson!

& not just all that, i think Jude is cute because of his personality too.
he's wise, he's sweet & his lifestyles... really!... again!...
say it again, he could be my pal! we'd love each other so much!

i'll watch many of Jude's films i never watched, golden collection for me.
& i'll rewatched some that i used to watch when i were too young.
& i'll look forward to his new stories too. yeah! xoxo

there's another news that bugs me all these few weeks.
i don't want to speak out clearly, loudly, i feel like i'm a bad person.
so i'll make this very short...

i like Mr. Like-a-Boss, Matthew Fucking Helders.
but i hate dislike her...

Six Tones, omedetou!! !! !! + Ino is really OK! for me
6 Tones / Six Tones congratulation!
you have a good name, classy name. the worst is still Sexy Zone.
just when i was so bored of Johnny's, this dream came true unexpectedly.
i wish you'll find many good things as a unit from now on.

6 Tones is great. Travis Japan & Snow Man are even more great.
Travis Japan & Snow Man can debut already. too good to be kept in silent.
but some Jrs are so poor, very talented but don't belong to a unit...
like Hagiya, Shoki, Yasui, Sanada... these boys should not be left out.

now, for me, Sexy Zzzzone *yawn* is just Fuma.
he's my favorite in Johnny's but he had to struck in this boring group.
Mari & Sou are still so pitiful. damn...


my ichiban in HSJ is forever in the-process-of-selection.
the candidates are always the same; Kei, Yabu & Daiki.
i'm trying to figure this out... Kei is a weird kid. cut him off.
Daiki is too good. yeah, weird reason but cut him off.
so Yabu-kun wins by his mixture of evilness & clumsiness.
congrats! *clap clap* uh oh... wait wait wait...
i just saw dark side of Inoo Kei, isn't it? *rub my eyes*
my heart's swinging again. Kei-kun... your dark side is precious.
& think again. Dai-chan is so nice, so good, so poor. i love him.
so my ichiban in HSJ is forever in the-process-of-selection.

this time i want to tell Inoo Kei that we have something in common.
i see your hidden hardworking & your refusal of hardworking.
when you did sexy face, or aggressive face, you looks so nasty.
when you're nerdy, when you're bratty, when you don't care...
i like it all! please be like this forever. bad boy. fuhuhu...
actually i love your sincereness & your lacking of social skills.
i wish you'll have more appearances too, i like to see you.

(he's the 'i don't fuckin care' type of idol.
& the coolest otaku.)

i just rearrange songs in my mobile phone. i deleted many songs.
the survivors are Hey! Say! Jump, Johnny's WEST, KinKi Kids,
for NEWS, only Snow Express left; Kisumai, only Shake It Up. (because of 6 Tones)
and a few of ost. like Mahoro ost. because i love the story.
then i put in every song from every album of my beloved Mystery Jets.
then deleted that one song 'Take Me to Where Someone Grows or Something'.
so i won't have to skip every time, i can't stand her beautiful voice...

Arctic Monkeys' are coming. also The Kooks' which i accidentally deleted.

suddenly end. i have to go now. love you all. bye.

my mind is switching back to British indie rock scene in 2000's
for such a long time i've escaped to Japan entertainment scene.
some part of me is still brit. some part of me is still living in the past.
almost 10 years already, some part of me still cannot move on.

like i said in my profile, about this awkwardly cool screenname...

2000's British teenage rock bands mean so much to me mentally.
those days creativity power of everyone, including me, boosted up...
amazingly, hurtfully, awesomely, romantically...
by the power of youth, romance, innocence, silliness, selfishness,
evilness, fighting spirit, hopefulness, hopelessness. & life.

i've grown up, but still have this mix feelings...
both embarassed and pround. it's really hard to explain.
sometimes i wanna tell (my fictional) Alex Turner that...
you thought there's no Sherlock Holmes, but there is one.
but i can't help feeling so stupid at the same time.
i don't want to be laugh at...

but there's no other way... i just have to love.
i just have to love all these stories/melodies in my head.
because it permanently became a part of me, became my world.
and i am a loser who belong to my own world more than the real life.

i'm so overwhelmingly glad Mystery Jets had a show in my country once.
Blaine's voice was so angelic. all of him was angelic.
other members were great too. that was the best night ever.

because i'm a shit who can't fly to attend live shows of my favorite.
i feel pity for myself, not just pity, i even hate myself for this.

i still hope The Kooks to notice Thailand in their world map one day.

and... the last thing i'll say in this entry is...
i know my taste is kinda weird but...
i wish Luke Pritchard could turn gay for me. 

i love JUMP the most because JUMP is so S3art!!!
i've watched Hey! Say! JUMP's S3art concert DVD...

it's obvious that the budget was cut, but it still the best concert for me.
the money is important, but what's most important is... the brain.

i love JUMP the most, though they are not the most talented.
they make me happy more than any technically skillful talents can do.
i love JUMP because they're the idols that understand this business.
& they always try to make their directions clear & creative.
so they are skillful in their own way. it's a rare & precious skill too.

but i think the world that people judges each other by skills is lonely.
though i love JUMP because of what they did, because of their hard-working.
at the same time, i love them for their not-trying-too-much attitude too.
i love JUMP because they're sincere & honest to their real selves.

i love JUMP the most, though they are not no.1 in the market.
because JUMP is too good. so they're not the most famous out there.
but it's my selfishness. i want them to stay the same. stay high class like this.
because they are too good for mass-selling. they are so valuable for me.

i love JUMP's music, both cute & cool songs. i'm lucky our tastes are similar.
i love their performances, especially big concert. (or butai someday!)
because they concerns so much about the rhythms of overall show.
they works like businessmen, but still pure like artists.
i love JUMP the most, because they have the best chemistry.

about the looks, i really love JUMP like this. i love variety of characters.
someone's too thin, someone's too short. or too tall. or too chubby.
we feel weak sometimes. thank you for staying together.
& thank you for not being boringly perfect.
i love JUMP the most, because they're funny & warm like a family.

i don't like macho guy, so Takaki-kun, you don't have to try so hard!
i'm sorry Mr. perfect body Keito, i like that you're different there.
Yabu-san is too thin, because the god stop him from being too cool.
i love how the chibi duo (Yama + Dai) are so manly. they're funny.
& the chibi Chinen is a very unique creature. cute but also a man.
Yutti with his tall body, wants to be soft & pretty. i love this cute gap.
chubbier cheeks would be better, but Hikaru is Hikaru anyway.
to be extreme is cool, even in a weird way. so Kei...
don't stop being aggressive sensitive negative & poetic otaku idol, ok?


i love JUMP the most, because of their balance!
i love JUMP the most, because they make me happy the most!


i also want to tell you. i love BEST corner so much!!!
motetai ne? i know. but i love BEST like this. keep saying motetai!
BEST is baka. 7 is cool. this is a very clever positioning for a big group.
i prefer BEST than 7. i think many boys can love BEST like this.
but the target group is female army... they like cool & handsome 7.
i don't want BEST to be changed. BEST now is the best.
like i said... too good & too clever to be famous. too S3art.

you don't have to be no.1, if it means your quality would drop.
maybe i'm too idealist. but... you're a part of my romantic concept.

i also really want to watch full scale of Live With Me, it must be great.
Yabu-san's haircut in Live With Me is cool! your adult look is cool.
& i was really looking forward to 'Setsunasa, Hikikae ni' performance.

fuhu... Yabu-sama... nice punch!

(oji-san, master, leader, papa, CEO, hahahaa....)

i already told you that i think Little Tokyo Live is S3art, right?
how they promote Korosensei with Sensations is also S3art.
debuted with 10 members,
they managed to avoid traffic jam by dividing into 2 subgroups.
things could be ugly in many way but... not for JUMP.
7 looks good. BEST looks good. whole JUMP looks good.
mixed subgroups of 7 + BEST sometimes also looks good.
no one has left behind, especially after Inoo's college days.
& they have many ways to create new things all the time.
big things too, since they have many members.
it's not easy to maintain this quality. JUMP is really different.
it's the effort that can't be seen easily, so many people never knew.

that's why JUMP is so special.


ps. i dreamed about Okada Masaki-kun twice in a month.
both have ended with kissing... hmmm...

Raw Masaki looks yummier than TV Masaki + Little Tokyo Live proves that HSJ is still the best!
long time no post...

i saw some pics of Okada Masaki, which seems so private... so behind-the-scene.
& omg... i love raw Ma-kun. i like 'Real Ma-kun' muchhh better than 'TV Ma-kun'.
no makeup, no hairstyling, plain t-shirt, real expression, so manly, so handsome!

although Ma-kun is so sexy because of his height & his long legs,

this is what i've said before many times, i want to see Arioka Daiki in this mode too.
i know this style suits him the best.
don't dress too much please.
when will he know that his real charm is being rawly handsome, not being cute & clean?

don't surrender to your shortnessss, chibi!!!

c'mon guys, let's rock!!

(no makeup = manly sexy!!!!! /credit on pic)
(i'm not allowed to post Ma-kun pic ;_; i really want to know where those pics of him come from.)

at first, i thought... Little Tokyo Live is trying to hard sell fangirls' dreams?
like Kisumai Busaiku!? no!! i know Hey! Say! JUMP have to survive this business but...
please, don't be like Kisumai. i miss the old Kisumai & kind of give up on them now.

but Jump is my most favorite. they're clever & classy. always have neat concepts.
like the concepts of Come On A My House or Weekender, they're not our boyfriends,
they are our idols. almost lovers but no! almost close friends but no!

i dislike the concept that the idols are much higher than their poor fans.
i also dislike the concept that the idols are lower than their aggressive fans.
Jump created that nice position of idols. they have power, but still warm & friendly.
that nice space between us. i feel comfortable to be their fan, comfortable to love them.

Little Tokyo Live is more enjoyable than i thought. very smart direction again.
keep on. be strong. wherever you are, under any circumstances, you're still great!
& please!! come to Thailand soon!!! & don't forget to put Beat Line into your show list!

(i love HSJ like the kids love Disney!)
(& Doriyan-san is also cool!)

quick random thought...
- Oniichan Gacha is better than i expected.
- how about a dance battle series/movie 'Snow Man vs Travis Japan'? must be cool!
- i want to watch Mahoro & ST so badddd... how long do i have to wait? ;_;

Ma-kun, stay here forever, don't you ever go

Okada Masaki-kun...

i always like him. he's super cute like a rabbit. but...
i don't like those for-girl dramas/movies, which he often appears in.
everything in those stories are boring. those heroines annoy me.
i understand that he's the best model of a cute boyfriend,
but he's the ONLY ONE thing that is cute. i can't stand those stories.
so it's like... my affection for him was blocked.

but now... his choices of roles are change noticeably.
(after he's close with Tat-chan!?)
he plays more entertaining roles in more boyish stories.
i'm so happy with this change! i can't be help loving him even more.
i saw him in VS Arashi, the first two times, he's baka-ish cute & soft.
but the third time, he's a bit more naughty & manly.

it must be rude to say that this is the new Masaki. he's not new.
i think he's the same person, just be happier & feel more confident.
his innocent eyes are still so cute. but now he acts more rough sometimes,
which makes me laugh, i mean... laugh with fondness... i love him like this.

people (especially girls) thinks that he's a cute handsome guy.
but it's not just his appearance. just handsome face or long legs are boring.
but he's actually born with his gut. without bragging, he's confident & brave.
i love his sincereness. & how he accepts his own weakness is manly.
still, his bakaness is super cute. his laughs & his smiles are too cute.
how he want to be accepted from people around him is cute too.

he can be both cute & cool in his own way. he's a great person.
he's also a normal guy & also special. i like every aspect of him.

Ma-kun should not be just a cute boy for girls. it's boring, right?
my sense told me that Ma-kun belongs to the boys' world.
sorry. i know i'm selfish... wwwwwww

moreover, i have a soft spot for tall guys... fuhu...
if he acts more like an onii-chan, i would be dead for sure, wwwww

(1.bright smile eyes 3.naughty side 4.acting handsome)

Tat-chan is also a special precious creature.
i know why many people call him tenshi.

pretty, evil, both strong & fragile, emotional,
bratty, stubborn & troublesome, so attractive.

this kind of creature is more beautiful to me...
...than those ordinary beautiful women.

random fact : i love Tat-chan with plushies.
i love plushies too. especially the sick ones.

random fact : unexpectedly, the wrong hairstyle is worst than the face's hair.
he looks EXACTLY the same when he sets his front hair down.
just put the front hair down. & shave. we've got the baby Tatsuya immediately.

(the same old tenshi)

who is my most favorite actor? i can't answer this kind of question.
i like many actors, for many different reasons. everyone is diffrent.
someone can't act well but have unique charms that make them special.
but if i'm asked who can act the best... it might be Ando Masanobu.
not just that he's the best actor, he is charming as a person too.
he is a romantic poet. he's a magnet, very powerful magnet.
i can't wait to see him again in the new Gonin. always want to support him.

Ma-kun & Ma-kun, though seem so different, they have something in common.
it's how they express their pureness, express what are in their heads.
they tell us what they really feel, no matter it makes sense for people or not.

i want to see Masanobu-kun acts with Tatsuya-chan... Garasu no Kamen - male version of Maya & Ayumi.
it must be fun, wwwwww emotions overload!

(another Ma-kun!!)

Johnny's is still so boring...

but it's like... my boring school/office/family life. i can't runaway from them.
i've lost interests, but i'll stay not so far, not so near & see what will happen.
i still love many people from this messy family. what will happen next?
there's the Berlin Wall in the jimusho now. i'll see when & how will this end.

if i could, i'd debut three groups : Mis Snow Man, Bakaleya6 & Travis Japan.
i'd rearrange two busy equally-important duos, SouMari & FumaKen.
Shori would be single like Yuma. no more Sexy anything forever, bye.

i'd rebrand NEWS, Kis-My-Ft2 to be more refreshing & more interesting.
Busaiku should be disappear. & the 7-boy-group would be revived, strong again.
you know what is busaiku about them? not that poor four, it's Nakai's bad tatse.

i'd give more power to HSJ, A.B.C-Z, KAT-TUN & let them create new things.
JWEST would do many things to show their strong point : the harmony.
Kanjani8 would be kansai-ish like their old days - less quantity, more quality.
Uchi-kun would get more happy jobs. T&T, V6, Tokio, just go on well.

& i don't care about SMAP...

Jr. would be switched a lot in many situations, EVERYONE could be interesting.

dream ends. waking up.
oh... good morning...

no more girl dramas/movies or i'll die, for me it has to be something like ST or Mahoro
shoujo-manga dramas are really not my cup of tea.
and M. oba-chan's dramas are the WORST of this genre.
though i like Kishi, Fuu, Shogo, & Shota, i really... CANNOT...
i even downloaded the first few episodes, but can't stand watching it.
i miss Johnny's old dramas; coming-of-age in the boys' world,
not some tasteless for-girl-only stories like in these days.

Arai-Paisen has to be in this kind of drama?... *sigh*
& not just this kind of drama, Arai-kun often plays too small role.
he's a very good actor, very talented. he's so underrated.
but i think he's scared of the foreigners, he ignored my tweet.
he doesn't know that i am also scared of the foreigners, wwww
actually i'm scared of everyone, www... orz
i even admires him when i see he talks on TV.
he is an otaku with self-confidence! kakkoii ne~

talk about otaku, i'm looking forward to Kento-kun's more appearances.
Mr.Froggy~ charging your energy then release more works!


i'm watching ST, and i love this series very much, unexpectedly!
this duo; Masaki-kun + Tatsuya-kun, is a very nice combination!
i love the most when they fight, wwww & i love Gakky-kun~
the story is fun too. other characters are nice too. i love the team's chemistry.
& i love how it reflexes the world of outsiders, especially the social phobia type.
i feel deeply related. & it's tanoshiii~~~ want more, want more~

glad i can see Masaki in this genre, instead of his typical romantic ones,
& this character is so close to his real self, pure & nice. (Aiba-type www)
he's normally tennen baka, but he's a tsukomi here, wwww
but this character is still so him in many ways. he's nothing like Hanyu-sensei.

Tatsuya is uniquely cute, troublesome but sensitive, a big gap.
his appearance & his personalities, all combined strangely & nicely.
i like his movements that sometimes look so childish. i also like him in I'm Flash!.

i really wish i could watch Mahoro on big screen, i feel so unlucky ;_;
Mahoro is so meaningful to me, like it's my refugee shelter.


& now, Shota-san, isn't it time to release more photo of you & Kengo again?
i will never be bored of your two-shot, even if you posted it everyday.
please serve me well, because i feel so rejected...

when i see 'this account is private' sign on the door, it's like...
'you shall not pass, you little shit, be humble & go back to your place.'

by the way...
why can't everyone just understand that Kitty is not a cat, nor a human?
it's just so easy & not a bad thing at all. please just be who you are, Kitty-chan.
i'll support everyone for being true to oneselves. be proud. love & peace.  

Yabai again... + RIP Sexy Zone
what's happening to me is something i call... 'yabai moment'.
i won't say it 'falling in love moment'. because it's not like that.
i have big-like (daisuki) feeling for many people.
but only some of them make me feel 'ahhh... yabaiiii!! noooo!!!~~'
i can't explain it better than this...

Matsuda Shota...

i took a brief look at him previously, before i shifted to his older (really?) brother.
for a while, i left Shota-kun behind to wander around in Ryuhei's land.
Ryu's beauty is so ideal. & i began to like Eita-kun, Arai-kun, Ando-kun, etc.
i like everyone in different way for each one. it's very fun.

Shota-kun is hard to understand at first. he keeps himself safe & sound in a lock.
i was trying to figure out his character. & assumed that he's a Mama's spoiled baby.
but i was wrong. now i'm shifting back to the younger brother again.

actually, Shota-kun is... surprisingly... type.

ahhhhh!! yabai! ;_;

i didn't expect this. i never liked ikemen before. being ikemen is not a benefit for me.
i like someone who has ordinary manly aura like Eita-kun better. wwww
sorry but to be honest, i dislike F4. & sometime rich stylish kids give me bad vibe.
for someone who's almost perfect, though i like him, i see some naive in him too.
(Iwamoto Hikaru is a good example. i'm always like... half jokingly... 'yada!, stop acting cool! wwww'.)

but for Shota-kun... the man who love to be perfect, but also a minimalist.
he's so calm & adult-ish. but i don't like someone who's too adult-ish, & he's not.
he has sweet smiles. he seems thoughtful, level-headed, & maybe liberal.
also unexpectedly manly. & might be very funny in private. & he knows English.
he's too western to be an asian, but too asian to be a westerner... same as me!
& he's so talllllll!!! strong & healthy. this is so opposite of me, i'm the weakest. ;_;
i don't like too much muscle. but i like his tall & big body. my taste is so confusing...

he really is kira kira kira, my eyes are blurry...
ahhhh! i hate to be the loser! *frustratinggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!*

above all, above all, above all, he's an onii-chan type!!!
(it's my no.1 requirement!!!!!)

& he love children... (my taste is really confusing. i don't like children.
but always get lovestruck with guys who love children. & i feel jealous of those children. i'm sick or something?)

he's so weird. so many contradiction.
he's somehow weird...
and so nice...

btw, my most favorite Shota-kun's character is Tenkaichi of Meitantei no Okite.
is there anything wrong with my taste? wwwww

the man who loves children. wwwww
he can make fun of himself. he's a wise & cool guy.
(pic from Tumblr)

my interest usually comes as a package. so now i like Ken & Ken too.
i enjoys many dramas & movies of them. i'm trying to read their blogs, using translator.
it's so tough! & Ameblo is hard to use. seems like my english comments didn't show up.
i wish they do Instagram like Shota-kun. i'm so happy checking Shota-kun's updates.
he uses it like a portfolio. & he's so addicting... wwwww (yo! please don't stop!)

Kengo is muchhh cuter than his image. i can say that he is moe type.
if it's ok, i want to call him Ken-chan, i wish him to get many love & happiness.
Kento-kun is sneaky cute like i said before. his character is fun to watch. www
the chemistry of these three is amazing. so different, pushing & pulling each other...


this is Ryuhei Waffle.
orange. short ears (so really roundish head).
big white roundish face. cute small lips.
eyes full of curiosity & innocence. maximum moe.
bouncy squishy body, sexy like a baby.
but... is a cat so... can be evil anyplace anytime.

(pic from 'Waffle the Cat' Facebook page)

this is Ryuhei Waffle.


when i'm into someone so much, i can't just feel fun like a fan should.
it's bittersweet feeling. i both love & hate being a fan.
i can't feel like a winner like a fan should. i feel like a loser.
maybe that's why it's 'yabai moment'.

& maybe that's why i always comment Shota-kun's Insta with calm & cool tone.
& then kyaing in my own blog like this? ;_; baka janai?
wwwwwww... i think the reason that i feel hurt is...
...i want to be loved too much.

baka janai?


i'm falling out of Johnny's orbit? maybe... though i still feel attached to them.
big dramatic issue is happening again. i'm so sick of the jimusho.
i just want to say...

i like Fuma-kun so much. (he gave me yabai moment, though i knew he's not my type, it's complicated.)
i don't like Kento-kun much. but i respect what he did as Fuma-kun's partner.
i don't like Shori-kun & bored of him. but i can't hate him. he's a kid doing his job.
i don't like Sou-kun much. but he's not bad. he's alright. should get what he deserve.
i like Mari-chan. because he's pretty. though i don't know him much. i like Fumarius.

i wish them all to be success in the way they should.
but i dislike Sexy Zone. failures. dull unit.
i extremely dislike Johnny's CEOs. disgusting.

(pic from Twitter)

my experiences tell me, you should not keep silent. or the nightmare continues...
ask Yabu-kun, but beware of the counterattack... it's all about politics.
(but the boss who falls will get up right away, right? i still trust you the most, Yabu-sama!)

Snow Man, Bakaleya6, they're all so great, but so unfortunate.

it's a shame.


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