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my old buddy reappears in front of me in drag
still listen to Strokes songs everyday, for a month now i guess.
the surprise is... the most frequently played is Comedown Machine.
i think this is what happened...

Is This It made me fall in love with a new best friend.
he became a part of my teenage days.

Room On Fire reassured me how much i love my favorite boy.

1st Impression... i felt quite close with him, like we're a family.

Angles... i said "you've changed."
he said "you just don't know me."
we hurt each other and went our seperate ways.

Comedown what? i don't know...
suddenly my old buddy reappears in front of me in drag.
of course it's shocking at first.
but it turns out that he's very beautiful so...

the girly things are still not my things but this one is special.
i can't stop listening to Comedown Machine,
though some songs sound a bit like TaySwift.
even though the sound is changed,
but the strong emotions in the songs are the same like their old songs.
i can say that... their music is always soulful and alive.

i listened to Culture Void, and i understand Julian a bit more.
he himself is always an exotic charming creature,
and he want his music to be exotic too, i guess.

and today... when scrolling down Facebook,
i read about some tragic things in the not-so-long-ago history.
about what happened in our parents years in my country.
and i know the rest of the world also had this kind of stories.
the kind of stories that we want to forget, but also afraid to forget.

and there's another story about texting with someone who's passed away,
with the technology that can create a realness but also a lie.

i almost cry thinking about these hurtful things.
thinking about the Limbo in the movie Inception.
then Julian's song Human Sadness pops up in my head.

many years have passed, i think i've grown up a bit.
but still scared of life, sometimes less, sometimes more.

ps. i participated that CRX photo thing, but i didn't win the album.
now i'm a crying loser, boo hoooo ;_;


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