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why won't you come over here? we've got a city to love
i love The Strokes for such a long time.
they are my precious childhood memories.
bringing back my school days, where i met my best friend.
i always thought (& still think) their sounds are perfect.
guitars, singing, bass and drums, all at its best.
but around the 4th album, i felt disappointed.

now many years have passed,
take a look at my old (imaginary) friends again.
the love comes back like it's never gone.
loving them from innocent childish perspective was cool.
but loving them from these days' is more than cool.
deeper, more romantic, more humanist than i ever felt.

despite that i still can't fully love their 4th album,
i love them even more. as humans, & as a band.
they're always the best band in the world at some point.

looking back to the good old days is so sad.

i can listen to their songs again & again this week.
so awesome... like... super awesome.
too awesome, i'm jealous.
like when we're jealous of God's awesomeness.


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