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i am a Stepper now!
how late! i found you so late.
i'm a new fan of All City Steppers.
great band, great sound.
daisuki desu! <3

i listened to every ACS song i could find.
listen & listen again.
their live version are very good.
reminds me of myspace days.
reminds me of The Kooks.
so nostalgic.

their raw live are much better, much rocker.
the studio ones are too light, too pop.
like... for-kids-edition?


Radio Foundation is also great.
there's only a few rare clips left for me.
what a life...
what a sad life...


yabai! yabai!...

i saw Ryuichi-kun since we were very young.
there were few times i was told we look alike.
but most of the time, he were a stranger.

i'm just getting to know him.
i like him more & more.
i like his personality.

i'm a fan of all his solo.
i'm so glad he did the Kooks cover.
he should cover Junk of the Heart.
oh please...

i love Fade Away too.
how sad that i'm so late...

Ryu-kun loves nature & very sporty.
but i'm an indoor type.
like when i saw Shota-kun crazying over skiing,
i have this complicated feeling...

i appreciate quiet laziness.
i'm a natural-born loser.
but sometimes i feel sad that i am so weak.

if i were strong, will i love myself more?
will my life be more meaningful?
maybe yes. or maybe no.

though i have a secret special feeling...
when i saw those fangirling hype,
i feel sorry for Ryuki-kun & Leo-kun.
i think it's kind of rude to ignore someone.
their bass & singing voice are awesome.

The John's Guerrilla is also cool.
i like Don't Get Down Bitch so much!

i hope someday i could see they play live.
it's the dream that is so hard to happen.
if they come to thailand, i'll definitely buy the ticket.
or if i can go to japan... i wish i could...

money money money...
i need you to save my life.


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