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rewatching Liar Game
i hate the editing & sound. & some casts did very poor acting.
but i love the story. so genius, so heartly, so warm.

i like Akiyama-kun so much. real gentleness, painful evilness.
i can't think of anyone else better than Shota-kun for this role.
the first time i watched, many years ago, maybe i was too young.
i thought he tried too hard to be handsome, but i think i was wrong.
he really did great job, with so much details he put in this role.

Shota-kun looks more physically attractive in season 2.
but i prefer season 1, before all the fan-service things.
everything in the two main characters seems naturally perfect.

i'm not a fan of Toda-san, but i think she did well.
Nao is not just a boring heroin, she's the Jesus.
now i'm so interested in the brain & heart of Kaitani Shinobu-Sensei.

Shota-kun is really a good actor. i clearly see his efforts.

i love him both as an actor, & as a skiier & sledder no... i mean as a person.
i think he addicted to insta because he love to communicate.
i really wish i could be his friend, so i could tell him that...

i found this video of him on Youtube...

& i saw this sticker set of him in LINE Store...

maybe i'll buy this sticker?

change tone...

being a fan is bitter-sweet for me
sometimes it's just simply fun.
but sometimes it reminds me how much i hate myself.
and sometimes it reminds me how much i love myself.

because it's the process of beautifully filling my world.
the only world i love to communicate with.
it reminds me that i want my life to be precious like yours.

i'm a dreamer but not that much.
i'm a realist dreamer, so it's contradicted.
i'm both childlike & mature, so it's contradicted.
i hate to be a loser, but i also hate to be a winner.
it's contradicted...

to put it more positively, i just want to be your friend.
romantically or not, i'd love it both way.
i think i'm cool enough to love you as a normal human.
not just a blurred vision of my ideal.
but it's also scary...

this is not so heavy. life is just like that.
i'll just go on & on this way.

thank you for being the colours of my world.


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